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05/08/2024, V. Robert DiPaola - Fund Administrator,

On May 8, 2024, the Fund made a Sampling Distribution, which totaled $278,501, before administrative expenses. Distributions were paid or payable to 1,742 musicians that performed on 456 songs, which were sampled into new songs (see a copy of the informational letter below, which accompanied the Sampling Distribution payments).

As noted, there were musicians owed money (i.e. payable) when the distributions were made, this was because, at that time, the Fund could not locate them. To view musicians owed money, click on the “Do We Have Money For You?” link to the Fund’s website.

Dear Participating Musician:

The Sound Recording Special Payments Fund (“Fund”) is pleased to provide you with the enclosed check for this year's annual sampling distribution. The check represents your portion of contributions received for one or more songs that you participated in the recording of, which were used, or “sampled”, in new songs. You are entitled to this payment under the provisions of a collective bargaining agreement between the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada and signatory record companies known as the Sound Recording Labor Agreement. Please note that the check is only valid for ninety days, or until August 6, 2024, and therefore must be cashed or deposited by that date.

Also, enclosed for your reference is a statement that shows the original song(s) that you participated on and the new song(s) that contain sampled music from the original song(s). Please note, if this is the first time you are receiving a distribution payment from the Fund, in 2020, for the first time, all participants, including you, were assigned a unique identification number that replaced the last four digits of your social security or social insurance number previously used to identify you. You can find your identifying number (your “SRSPF ID number”) on the enclosed statement and remittance portion of the check. Please retain the number for future reference.

Your payment is based on contributions received from signatory record companies for songs that were sampled in other songs through March 2024. Contributions are generally $400 for the first time, and $250 for each additional time that a covered song is sampled in another song, but sometimes can exceed this amount depending on the revenues to the record company from licensing the sample. The contributions are then divided among the musicians that participated on the song that was sampled. For example, if four musicians participated in recording a song that was sampled and the song generated a contribution of $400, each musician would receive $70 for that song after deducting 30% to cover administrative expenses and the Fund's portion of payroll and unemployment taxes, where applicable.

You will receive additional sampling payments in future years only if the Fund receives additional contributions from a signatory record company for a song that you participated in that was sampled into another song.

If you haven’t yet visited the Fund’s website,, I encourage you to do so and to sign up as a registered user so you can take advantage of all of its features. There, you can change your address and designate beneficiaries without having to contact the Fund. The website also remains the best place to get important information about the Fund and answers to your frequently asked questions.

Warmest regards,

V. Robert DiPaola

V. Robert DiPaola
Fund Administrator